Located in downtown Albemarle, North Carolina

124 W Main St.

Albemarle, NC, 28001

Phone (704) 550-5511

Email – Armadilloaxethrowing@gmail.com

Your one-stop shop for all that is axe throwing. 

Rules of the Game

  • 10 throws per match
    • In each match, players throw 5 times and then switch sides with their opponent
  • Throwers cannot cross the 12ft fault line
    • Crossing In League & Tournament play results in an automatic fault (0 points)
  • Players cannot touch or remove the axe until the score has been marked down
    • The player receives 0 points if the axe drops before a score is written down
  • Killshots are active for the entire 10 throw match
    • Players must call the killshot prior to throwing
    • A player receives 0 points if a killshot is called and missed 
  • If the axe breaks multiple sections of the target, the player is awarded the higher score