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Please look through the list below for answers to common questions we are asked about our site. Didn’t see your question below? Contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Who Can Use Our Services?

Our site is open to any person, Maker, or venue who shares a passion for axes and knives. While we are dedicated to the throwing community, we welcome collectors, casual shoppers, and spectators to view our Makers’ and venues’ products or find an event to attend. We are happy to work with all individuals and/or locations; affiliated or not! 

How Do I Become A Vendor?

Simply visit our REGISTRATION PAGE and complete the form in its entirety. Instructions for completing the form can be found HERE. Your submission will be reviewed by a member of our staff to ensure accuracy. We may reach out to you directly if we have any questions. Once reviewed and approved, your account will be active and you can set up your online store! 

How Can I Get the Digital Scorecard for My Venue?

We offer a digital scorecard (WATL styled) for you to use in your venue. There is no cost to use the scorecard. The only cost for the scorecard is the email feature. This feature comes built into the scorecard and allows for your visitors to email themselves their scores. This cost is minimal, a fraction of the cost of paper scorecards, and a lot less messy than chalk or white boards. Learn more about this feature by selecting the “Scorecard” option when CONTACTING us. 

How Can I Add an Event to the Calendar?

We would love to share your event! Simply REGISTER your venue as a vendor and you will gain access to add events to our calendar after your submission is approved.

How Can I get a Player Bio Page?

Are you a thrower looking for a sponsor or accepting donations for the expenses of travel and competition? Let us help! We will create a player bio with any information you would like to share and links directly to your payment method. 100% of donations go directly to you. After CONTACTING us, you will receive a short questionnaire and photograph requirements. 

What is Your Return Policy?

All Throw is a vendor marketplace. Each vendor is required to create a return policy for their store. Please make sure to read and understand their policy before purchasing any products. Our return policy can be seen HERE

How Can I Advertise on Your Site?

All Throw is a niche site a market that generated an estimated $215 million (Axe Throwing Centers in the US – Market Size 2005–2027) for venues in 2022 and we are growing! Our throwers represent nearly every segment of the market and All Throw has ties to the major affiliations. We offer multiple advertising opportunities and are able to provide detailed reports regarding your campaigns. CONTACT US today and learn what we can do for you and your brand!

How do I Become a Sponsor?

Would you like for your brand to possibly be seen on ESPN, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and all the other sources our sport is on daily? Our community is strong, immensely social, and growing every day. The individuals in this sport are talented, hardworking, and embedded in every facet of your market. We are an inclusive group who welcomes all, recognizes quality, and rewards businesses that support us with our patronage. CONTACT US today to learn more.

What are the Commission Rates for Selling My Products?

Our commission rates will most likely be among the lowest for a vendor market place. Our rates start at 5% (this is subject to change) and may be reduced depending on sales or special promotions. Feel free to CONTACT US  with any questions you may have about our commissions or sales in our marketplace.